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Introduction of my school: 

My school journey through the wide academic landscape was nothing more than a dimly lit symphony, where every note spoke of the apathy that defined my school life This is a self-proclaimed empty wanderer of history, a student carelessly navigating the paths of education with the indifference of a guide

Morning Ritual – Desperate Dance

The alarm bell rings

Each day began with the incessant ringing of my alarm clock, an ominous reminder that another day of class collaboration awaited. The struggle to extricate myself from the cycle of sleep reflected the uphill battle I faced in mustering up the motivation to meet the challenges ahead

The art of inertia

For some, routine morning rituals became a pattern of apathy for me. A toothbrush was a wand, a spell of fatigue, and a uniform, an outfit worn to blend into a crowded my school setting, reflected a glossy face in a mirror, a careless sheet colors have been.

Classroom Cleanliness – Where chairs are crowded and minds sleep

Desk as a black hole

Academically, the classroom was my personal purgatory. When my door was strategically placed on the back side it became a gravitational black hole, sucking up any joy that dared to get too close. The teachers’ words were distant echoes lost in my lack of interest.

An elusive dance

Participation was a foreign concept; The group conversation was a buzz of voices I rarely join. I had done a perfectly imperceptible dance, my presence inconspicuous only by the occasional drop of breath. Blackboard for notesIt became a blank canvas, reflecting not the genius of the course, but the emptiness of my project.

Probation – Consistency with Disqualification

Pages of despair

The exams, those occasional academic storms, were my personal tormentors. The final letters, like chapters in a tragic novel, witnessed a dance of ignorance. Every question was disconcerting, and my answers were poor attempts at coherence. Awards were abstract symbols, with no real meaning in my school abstract universe.

Mirage of Possibilities

As my peers basked in the accomplishments and successes, I marveled at the iconic image of untapped potential shining out of reach. The report card is not proof that I can do it, but the art of living without flowers.

The Desert Beyond Graduation: Apathy at Every Corner

Lack of motivation during the day

Extracurricular activities were geared towards those who were ambitious, talented and genuinely interested. I was an aimless wanderer who found solace in my school lazy afternoons. Sports, the arts and clubs were distant stars in my own galaxy, too distant and unimportant for me to explore. And I spent my afternoons in the comforting embrace of indifference, each day adding another layer to the pile of wickedness.

The social fringe

While my classmates were making friends, making connections, and making lasting memories, I was there in company. Lunch breaks were solitary escapes, and group projects seemed like a personal Everest, out of control. Conversations with classmates were fleeting encounters, as I mastered the art of avoiding the details.

Graduation – An unforgettable session

Hat and coat: Costume paradox

As graduation day approaches, I am given a traditional hat and dress—to cover myself for protest. A sign of academic achievement adorned my dimly lit body, a stark reminder of the dissonance between society’s expectations and my passive reality

Freedom from incompetence

However, there was a subtle sense of rebellion in my unexpressed past. In my vanity I found a strange freedom—freedom from expectations, the freedom of the rat race, the freedom to forge my own uncharacteristic path


Walking out of the school gates with diploma in hand, I took the title of vagrant with me. My journey through the hallowed halls of education was an exercise in futility, an incredible marathon of meaninglessness. But with indifference and a heart unruly of will I entered the vast unknown ready to embrace the life that encapsulates my insignificant school days The odyssey of my schooling went on, a journey of it has nowhere to go, an endless story—evidence of a different and undiscovered path.

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